Helping developers to prepare, set up, and manage owners’ corporations.

We partner with property developers at the early stages to add the maximum value to their development and future owners. 

We offer a specialised team consisting of a Development Consultancy Officer, a Dedicated Strata Manager, and access to a group of expert resources for each development. 

Together we successfully provide our Developers and future Owners with everything from concept planning to ongoing management. 

  1. Development Concept and Planning – This includes getting to know the development, consulting on plans, subdivisions, and titling structures, providing initial levy estimates for a sales campaign, consulting on by-laws, and generally understanding how we can add value to the developers’ investment.

  2. Sales, Marketing & Construction  – Preparing budgets and setting levy estimates for owners, tender building services such as building management, cleaners, preparing strata marketing materials, attending and helping with launch events, responding to any strata-related questions from the future owners, and providing updates on regulatory updates.

  3. Registration of Strata Scheme and Settlement – Open days in conjunction with pre-settlement inspections, Prepare Strata Welcome Packs for solicitors to include in settlement packs, issuing s184 certificates for settlement, finalise the initial budget, arrange Strata Insurance Quotes, arrange capital works fund report, manage the commencement of building manager and cleaning services on-site,

  4. First Annual General Meeting (AGM) and incorporation of the Owners Corporation – Register and set up the Owners Corporation and Owners Corporations Trust Accounts, Liaise with Owners, Real Estate and Tenants. We then prepare, manage and run the first AGM of the Owners Corporation, arrange the signing of contractor agreements with the committee, ensure legislative requirements are met with the handover of documentation, and ensure a smooth transition from developer to Owners Corporation as well as Mitigate any issues or disputes that might arise.

  5. Ongoing Management to the Owners Corporation – Providing new owners and the Owners Committee with ongoing peace of mind in all their strata management needs through a dedicated Kooper & Levi Strata Manager & Strata Assist

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