Emergency Contacts For Our Clients

In the event our office is closed and emergency repairs are required, firstly consult a member of the Executive Committee who may be able to give more specific advice.

Below is a list of tradespeople and companies that are commonly used by many of our clients.

Trade Company Contact No
Electrician Stern's Electrical Servicecs(Richard Stern) 0412 164 461
Electrician Glenco Electrical 02 9700 9996
Locksmith Bells Locksmith 02 93572333
Plumber East Coast Emergency Plumbing 0419 231 476
Plumber Plumb City 0404 691 234
0406 367 041

Alternatively, phone your local authorities

Fire Brigade & Police 000

Flood & Storm Assist 132 500

Sydney Water 132 090

Gas (AGL Sydney Ltd) 131 909

AGL Hot Water Maintenance 131 766

Electricity (Energy Australia) 131 388

Cost due to emergency call outs are the responsibility of the individual initiating the emergency service. As individual building may have preferred contractors other than those listed above, please initially refer to your building’s notice board prior to contracting above tradespeople. Requests for reimbursement are to be submitted to the Owners Corporation in writing and will be considered by your Executive Committee. Reimbursement will only be issued if the problem was genuine emergency and relates to common property. To help facilitate approvals for bona fide reimbursements requests, please ensure you obtain photographic evidence of issue and where possible, communicate the issue with a fellow resident within the building.