Our Services


Prompt response to client communication

Kooper & Levi Strata Management believe that the strata industry is in fact a specialised personal service industry and as such attend to phone calls within 24 hours and any written communication within 5 working days.

Routinely, the Executive Committee should instruct their Strata Manager in writing on matters under our service agreement. Other matters raised by individual owners, including common property issues will be referred to the Executive Committee and again, should be in writing.


Kooper & Levi Strata Management include services under the standard Management Agreement issued by the Institute of Strata Titles Management (ISTM).

These services include:

  • Trust Account management
  • Secretarial duties in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act
  • Assistance with coordinating property repairs and maintenance

Other extensive services can be covered under management fees within your particular management agreement.

If you wish to discuss our services further please contact us on 9371 9090 or email admin@kooperlevi.com.au.